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Jeanne de Kroon


Jeanne de Kroon (27), is the founder of Amsterdam based brand Zazi Vintage.
Zazi Vintage is an ode to female craftsmanship, co-creation and storytelling through cloth. Working with women's artisanal communities through both the United Nations Ethical fashion initiative and independent female led social enterprises, ZAZI aims to connect consumers back to the magic of the intricate woven stories within clothing

Morning routine:

As the days get shorter now I tend to wake up before the first light comes in. So I love lighting a little candle circle and seeing whatever comes up in the morning. This morning I sang but some mornings I meditate, journal, light incense, strech or dance. I used to make myself do certain things in the morning but I discovered that listening to your body in the morning and seeing what kind of medicine she needs, always works the best.

How you stay productive:

Allowing rest. I feel like my productivity and creativity always arises at the moment, I allow myself to just 'be'. Of course there are little tools like staying away from your phone but in the end it is really when I can fully 'rest', my creativity blooms the most. Unlearning this 'internalised capitalism' and ideas of 'productivity is key' is a massive journey but embracing this more feminine energy of 'receiving' has brought me such joy and inspiration. It feels like working with your own energy instead of against.

Self care tips:

Movement is medicine. It is still such a beautiful path to discover what works the best when your body, mind or spirit needs a little extra love. Whenever I feel 'stuck', I take a conscious moment to ask my body what she needs and there is always an answer when I learn to listen. So maybe the start is having this conversation in the form of a little meditation and intentionally asking your body what she needs.  For me it can be anything from a little yoga session, hugging my rescue hens, singing, chanting, arranging flowers, weaving ideas together through writing, cooking, clearning, conscious touch or a walk in nature.

Your most recent work:

The anora dress we co-created with Anora from Margilan (Uzbekistan). It feels like a little handwoven love letter to nature and being a woman.
Send a picture of your workplace:

Your  creative process :
I guess my creativity really comes from weaving communities and stories together and that always starts by listening and understanding what ideas, inspiration or feelings come up from that space.

Advice to the younger generation :

Know that all the differences that make you not fit in, are your secret superpowers the universe gave you to discover.

People that inspire you:

Nina Gualinga, Samina Ansari, Alice Aedy, Poppy Okotcha, Samira MahboubAll female storytellers bridging worlds with love.

What video on the internet do you think everyone should see?
Anything related to kipjes

Movie :
My octopus teacher (recent favorite)

There isn't a day without music in my life. Lately I have been really connecting to Josi Yakecan, Marie Sioux and Ayla Schafer.


Braiding Sweetgrass

The Ethical fashion podcast, Medicine stories

Clothing brand:
Zazi vintage <3

Jewellery :

Linda's opal, such a beautiful spirit with incredible vintage treasure.

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