Amanda Norgaard


I’m Amanda Norgaard. I’m a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, poet, model and an ever-creating woman living in Copenhagen with my the love of my life.

Morning routine:
I kiss my man first thing. He usually brew a pot of coffee, which is always a solid morning highlight after my cold shower. Then, morning practice. My daily practice with Kundalini yoga and meditation is another highlight and the foundation for the rest of my day. I love this yoga so deeply because it moves, awakens and realigns me, within me, every single day. Every practice is different.
Some days it’s about applying more energy and vitality to the body/mind system and other days a deep release and healing reveals itself. I’m the founder of The Practice, which is an online daily practice which I follow too. We practice the same yoga set and meditation for 40 days straight and I’m ever surprised how much depth and true embodied wisdom we can access when we practice with patience, openness and devotion. For the love of the journey rather than a certain result.

Self care tips:
Listen! Women move with the Moon. That’s why we evolve so much. Somedays self care to me equals long walks, active creativity and expansion of body/mind/spirit. Other days call for hours on the couch with a book or a good show, introspective, and slow movement. I call this passive creativity. It’s crucial for my more active creative processes to regenerate inwardly as another form of creation. Women are constantly creating wether we are aware of it or not. Start to Listen. I’m also danish and “hygge” is a way of living meaning creating a beautiful living space with candles, flowers and essential oils. This way even the most hectic work day is infused by nourishment.
When and why did you decide to dedicate your life to kundalini yoga:
I fell in Love, simple as that. When I heard the sound current of Kundalini Yoga, my heart recognized it as a long lost love. I’ve practiced yoga for 14 years, but once I started practicing Kundalini Yoga I was moved in ways I’ve never been moved before. By my own energy, right here, just me in me, in my living room. I knew I wanted to teach and pass on a tool that everyone can do and that really only requires one component: oneself! What I love most about teaching is witnessing the rapid growth and profound healing the  women and me are going through. I believe we change the world by becoming the change we want to see in the world, by embodying it, by sharing it by our mere presence. To be a kinder person in the grocery store, to be an honest and sovering person at work, to be a loving and healing presence in the collective and in our families. This is how we heal the world. It starts with you in you, taking full responsibility for your experience of reality and what you do with it. Kundalini Yoga is a tool I find incredibly powerful in supporting this very journey.

What is a mantra that you currently repeat yourself?
All that I seek I am.

Share a poem that you have written with us

“All that I seek I am
I am the love that I seek
I am the forgiveness I seek
I am the mystery I seek
I am the liberation that I seek
I am the peace that I seek
I am the God that I seek
I am all that I seek”

My friends and musicians, @Sunniai,  also made a song out of this poem featuredon the track “bountiful, blissful, beautiful” I recite the full poem at the very end!

Advice to the younger generation :
All that You seek You are and All is Good.
People that inspire you: Unapologetic honest, authentic and loving beings. I’m fell very lucky to spend my life with a man who embodies all of the above and to be surrounded by friends who too are unique expressions of these gifts. They inspire me, uplift me and expand me every single day.

Movie /documentary:
The Dreamers and and any documentary on people who kept up, kept going and turned their fears into love and limitations into expansion while serving the world. 

Music / playlists:
All the mantras, 60’s+70’s rock and Brazilian boogie.

Books: I’m currently reading and initiating with “The Sophia Code”, which is a beautiful and healing journey while studying “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene”. This summer I read “Where the Crawdads Sing” and it moved me deeply

Clothing brand:
Sat Nam Vintage

Jewellery :
Nadia Shelbaya

Thank you for reading! love uuu

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