My name is Chi. I was born in Hanoi and grew up in Berlin.
I came to ceramics through a simple desire to make plates for our restaurants. With daily work and constant interactions at our DUDU restaurants in Berlin I found a way to step out of reality and time. Creating ceramics gives me the opportunity to process all the impressions, experiences and emotions to produce something natural.
Working with ceramics is a form of meditation for me. Pure, unconditional thoughts and absolute focus form the basis of unique, hand-made techniques and forms. I work with Raku - a traditional Japanese burning method, mixing my own natural glaze with gold and copper fragments to create pieces that evoke the colours and textures of mussels, stone and wood.
The current collection „She of the Woods“ is an ode to the power of women, the strength of vulnerability, the strength of allowing oneself to feel everything, to bear all that we can experience and remain open. The collection represents the tools for living, to be seen, to be touched, to be loved through shape and the process of the craft. This is the power of love, our power, the power of the woman.
These works draw on a connection with nature and are inspired by shapes of the universe. The objects are shaped like the earth, like the moon, like the sun. They carry within them something to nurture. They hold like the earth is holding us. They are carers and when we pass them on carefully they can accompany us over generations. Still holding within them the energy that gave birth to them.

I’m in Bali right now, escaping the German winter. So my routine here is different than in Berlin, but I definitely try to stick to it when I’m back at home.
I wake up early, between 5:30-6 o’clock and meditate for 20 mins first. Breaking my fasting with chia pudding, fresh fruits and granola. I would check Emails and do some home office. After that I would have early lunch or late breakfast, depends on my craving. It would be wild rice, with papaya salad, steamed vegetables and a boiled egg or gluten-free bread with butter and a omelette, to have the energy to go to yoga, or I would do a online class, depends on the current situation. I love Yin Yoga or Hatha Yoga in the morning. After yoga, I always try to do another stillness silent meditation as well, to stay mindful. I like to go to a nice café and for fresh green juices, like celery with kale and ginger and a warm turmeric latte with almond milk, my replacement for coffee. Sometimes for a little pick-me-up I will have Matcha latte with almond milk, then would head to the studio and start working on my ceramics; vases, bowls or incense holder. Around sunset I love to be at home to enjoy the light and rest whilst having early dinner. In the evening I’m reading or taking a nice bath, then doing a last meditation before bed.

Selfcare tips:
We need perhaps now more than ever a self care treatment, which we should try to do constantly:
I decided to go to Bali for a one week silent retreat. Being away from all the distractions and able to focus on my inner self helped to truly take care of myself and also to take a step back from old habits. Not many people will have the luxury of being able to up sticks and move to an entirely new continent like I did, but this chapter has massively helped in so many ways...
Creating a calm environment for your daily practices as you learn to recognize distractions and let them go. Breath exercises, meditation, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and eating clean; what you put in your body, is what you show on the outside. I really believe that. Last but not least, not waking up with the screen and going to bed with your phone. Try to learn to live with yourself, love yourself, share your love with others, your thoughts and what you keep in your mind matters. Say only positive words to yourself.

How to stay productive/inspired:
We are living in uncertain and stressful times and I don’t think it is any coincidence that this has resulted in a recent flurry of interest in looking to other cultures and traditions for guidance. Having a change of scene and introduction to new experiences in my life has meant that I found it easier to break away from my previous routine. Discover more about new craft and start to write, paint or cook. Deepen your practice. Share with your friends and family. Help others with your experiences and you will receive so much gratefulness and love and thats give you the fuel and drive for new inspiration.

Creative process:
I`ve got a lot of my inspiration in emotions or memories. The big inspiration comes from Mother Nature; shells, stones, landscape and what I felt when I was there. I try to picture it and describe it first in words and then in colors and the shape comes naturally.

Wut ist ein Geschenk, Arun Gandhi
Homo Sapiens
Summer, Ali Smith

The legend of Kasper Hauser from and with Vincent Gallo, because I adore him so much. The movie is kind of timeless, surreal, and just a fun movie to get lost in.  
Inception, from Christopher Nolan. I’m a super active dreamer and I find Christopher Nolan’s obsession with time and consciousness just fascinating and inspiring.

Depends on my mood, but I a bit of everything from soul to classical to groovy techno.

Cello Suite No. 1, Johannes Bach
Baby, Donnie & Joe Emerson
Before The Beginning, John Frusciante
Next Lifetime, Erykah Badu
Texas Sun, Khruangbin

I’m such a foodie, love to cook, love to eat and love to do both with friends and family.
My all time favorite is Vietnamese cuisine from my childhood. Water spinach with chili and garlic, tofu and tiger prawns in tomato sauce, with an omelette and spring onion and some brown rice. And one of my simplest pleasures and something i could but shouldn’t eat every day, is a warm baguette with rich olive oil and sea salt and a mushroom risotto.

I`m not so into Podcast, to be honest. I always fall asleep and I’m not really able to stay focussed and listen.
@Esther Perel Ted Talks Daily

A place:
One of my favorite places in my heart is Patagonia; the mountains, the sky and the movement of the clouds.
I love the early morning lights in my living room, at the big windows with all my favorite plants in front, watching them growing makes me so happy. I always adore places which has a big window, with lots of light or wide view and just sitting there and enjoying and being present.

Clothing brand:
@Otto Linger
@Eckhaus Latta

My really good close friend is making me choker from wild pearls from Indonesia. Otherwise I just wear jewelry that my friends and family give me, helping me to feel close to them. A gold necklace from my grandmother and earrings from my best friend from Iran, or my travel stone from another very good friend, which is helping me feel grounded.

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