Dymph de Gooijer


Dymph de Gooijer (1998) Dutch-Canadian
Raised in Amsterdam and Bergen NH the Netherlands is 
Autodidact artist focussing on oil paintings, ink and watercolor drawings.
her work is charged with feelings and emotions. 
Dymph focusses mainly on makes oil paintings, ink and watercolor drawings. 

What Habits do you try to have?
I have a love-hate relationship with habits.
I used to dislike the thought of routines a lot but I now know that they can bring me a lot of peace. I try to go outside as often as possible, walking and working in the gardens. When it comes to my art I try to spent at least 3 days a week in my studio. I always start with cleaning and making everything ready to start working. I’ll put everything that I might need close to me so that I stay focused. I also really live day by day because inspiration also just comes and goes. Because of that I try not to be too strict since it will only block your inspiration.

What feelings do you try to express with your work? is painting  therapeutic to you?
For me paintings is the friendship I have with myself. It makes me feel balanced and more comfortable about the concept of time because it really is a slow but very satisfying craft. Painting for me is a direct expression of my feelings.
When I started painting in high-school around the age of 14,  people started to worry about my mental condition since my paintings turned out pretty dark, naked bodies with their heads down. But the truth is, from that moment on I started to feel so much better. Over the years I learned that when my paintings are expressing darker thoughts, I actually am feeling much better than the other way around.
2 years ago I started painting with pink and other light colors, happy figures, accessible features. although they sold much better than usual I started to feel worse and lonely. From that I learned that one should never (if expressing their feelings thru their craft) fixate on making something esthetically beautiful for someone else than yourself. You should make whatever comes flowing out of you and nothing more or less. Thats what I believe. :)

Any advice for any self taught Artists?
Don’t hesitate to ask for help. I still have a hard time asking for help but it’s so important, especially when you’re learning all by yourself. Don’t feel that things that don’t have anything to do with art directly, can’t be inspiring for your work. I recently started with a part-time herbology studie which doesn’t make me paint flowers and herbs but it makes me feel very inspired and connected :) Doing something completely different than painting often gives me space for new ideas.

Your favorite painting tool?
Fan brushes and pieces of fabric to smudge everything.
Very mediative haha.


Vintage!! Amsterdam: @pennylanevintage @yoharavintage @vinted @vestaire_ @andpausevintage @linamoonshinevintage @deargolden and and i like these brands: @christydawn @pinkorangeclub @palavershop @mashawithmaria @tisjadamenlingerie @nathaliedumeix @goldenbrownthelabel

  • Art books I love at the moment are:

“Alpha & Omega” Edvard Munch
“Myths and mortals” Marlene Dumas
“Omega’s eyes” Marlene Dumas
“On being an angel” Francesca Woodman
“An unfolding portrait” Louise Bourgeois
“In Medias Res” Nalini Malani- Mieke Bal

Books you think everyone should read:

“The Brothers Lionheart” Astrid Lindgren (Forever favorite)
It’s written for children but really worth everyones time!!!!!!! About death time and unconditional love. “Foon” Marente de Moor
“Summerlight and then comes the night” Jon Kalman Stefánsson
‘Bonjour Tristesse” Francoise Sagan
“Homeros ilias”
“Wilding” Isabella Tree

Thank you for reading !!


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