Founder of Earth Connection Oil a probiotic body oil and The Being Method and Being Portal which are two courses on science, spirituality, and breathwork. She lives in Canada with her husband and their daughter Sunday, she makes them sing with her a lot.

Star sign / human design:
Leo & Projector

Cultural background / upbringing :
My upbringing had a lot of snow and maple syrup.

What is the being method ?
This is an online course on the science of spirituality that I run yearly! I studied health sciences for a long time and felt so suspended between science and my spiritual beliefs. I decided to start a course that blends both! It looks at anatomy in a really exciting way where the body is seen as magical rather than a machine.


Morning  routine / Rituals ?
Very simple right now! I always always always say “thank you” when I wake up. As soon as I open my eyes. Gratitude is the attitude.
Im mostly flowing with my daughter’s schedule so I just surrender to her—not a routine. Two things I’ve managed to keep are singing and heart coherence meditations. I do them with her and it’s so special.

How did you prepare your body for pregnancy ?
I did a whole huge lifestyle change! I left my job that was stressful, I started my own company, and I really focused on my own healing. Conception took a while for us because I didn’t have a menstrual cycle for years. It took some deeper healing. I was told by several doctors I was probably infertile but I’m wrighting this with one hand and breastfeeding my daughter with the other right now so I have immense belief in the body to heal.

Habits you try to have ?
Drinking lots of water. Being grateful. Communicating openly with my loved ones. Resting. Telling my husband how much I appreciate him before bed. Prayer. 

Favorite form of movement/exercise?
Running! I was actually training for a marathon when I got pregnant. I had run 33km one morning and felt a bit slow so I took a pregnancy test and that’s how we found out!

What is your skin care routine?
So so so simple. I do raw honey face masks, I wash my face once a day with F. Miller oil cleanser, then I use Egyptian Magic olive oil and honey as a moisturizer. My skin does a lot better when I just leave it alone.
I also firmly believe orgasms are the secret to good skin.

Contemporary Women that inspire you:
Literally all of them. Anyone that chose to come to this planet (right now or ever) as a woman is so so so powerful.

A playlist or music you like to listen to:
We listen to a lot of Miracle Tones.  I just find listening to certain tones so relaxing.

Any Rilke poems.

Podcasts you listen to?
The On Being episode with Joanna Macy is absolutely life changing.

A business owned by a woman  :
 Rainbo mushrooms
! Tonya is so authentic in her mission and I could not be more proud of her.

Thank you for reading! love u

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