Sunday, 12th of December 2021

Antonella Tignanelli


Antonella is a  32 years old chef,  food researcher and creative director.

A mom to her 3 year old son. she lives in Barcelona and has lived in Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Paris, New York, Berlin and Mexico City. All this constant traveling and meeting new cultures gave her the opportunity to learn how to cook from native people (mostly women) in the places that she visited.

she developed a very strong relationship with these foods and these people and started getting more and more curious about all their sociological differences and beliefs.

After a 10 year career in the restaurant industry, she is now shifting towards education and her project Food Rituals, that aims to bring together all beliefs through the revival of ancient celebrations and ritual practices and give back that sacred space for reunion we have lost in contemporary societies.

Star sign / human design:

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries, Rising Gemini. Generator.

Cultural background / upbringing :

I was born in Buenos Aires,
Argentina and stayed there until I was 20.
Since then I have lived all over :)

When did your love for food start?
It started at a very early age,
I would say around 6 years old,
and it was my grandmother who
introduced me to this magic alchemy world.

Morning  routine / Rituals ?
I wake up and make my son a Banana oat shake,
and a celery juice for myself.
I take him to school. Come back home.
Practice yoga and then eat an apple.
Then the rest of my day can start.

Habits you try to have ?
Eat as healthy as I can,
which can be hard sometimes in my industry,
so I tend to do intermittent
fasting or a small detox every two weeks.

I try to go to nature pretty often,
fortunately for me that's easy in Barcelona.

I also try to talk about my feelings
as much as I can with friends,
partners, I try not to let things pass by unattended.

I do many different therapies, from psychoanalysis
to tarot, astrology and the list goes on...

And I try to listen to myself a lot,
stay at home if I'm tired, balance
work and activity with rest and
calm as much as I can.

Favorite form of movement/exercise?
yoga and dancing!

Contemporary Women that inspire you:
All of my friends and especially
my business partner Sandie Hamon
with whom we have such a beautiful
working relationship and communication.

A playlist or music you like to listen to:
There's a project that I love called Antena Kolektiv,
they made a playlist for a Tarot event we made
at Food Rituals, and here it is:


My favorite from recent years was "Histoires de l'alimentation" by Jacques Attali

Now I'm reading two that I am loving and I think are important reads: "The disappearance of rituals" by Byung-Chul Han

A business owned by a woman  :

thank you for reading <3 love u