Traidesch is a film that portrays the symbiosis of dance and architecture,
set in the beautiful mountain scenery of the Sesvenna Alps in eastern Switzerland.
The artwork “House to watch the sunset” by Not Vital invites to explore with extraterrestrial perspectives based on the dimensions of 13.
“Traidesch” meaning 13 in one of Switzerland’s spoken languages “Romansh”
isn’t only the foundation of Not Vital’s architectural art,
but also conveys emotions of conspiracy and superstition
through music and movement by the dance & design duo Moving Mountains.

dance & concept: @ellenwooolf & @helenakateamor 

film & edit: @marcojorger 

music: @robotkoch 

When We Were Strangers

is a love story that features the slow decay of love.
It’s about a couple who falls in love during a house party and set off on an adventure.
Each room in the house represent a different phase of their relationship.
This is showcased through colour, sound and movement with a strong focus on art direction.

Directed: @aylaspaans
DOP: @renehuwae
1st AD: @ushiny_k
1st AC: @serhan_meewisse
Producer: @ushiny_k
PE: @maschaspaans
Prodcution design: @_______queenkroon_______
, @____studiokroon____ 
Art direction: angels of ricardo_is_hard
Costume design: @danjadane Choreographer
: @nicolaheppfilm
Styling: @romyverbaan @veerlecalkoen
@zusjesvintageGaffer: @westerparkstudio 
Muah @scarletdivamakeup @cristinarosu_makeup
@esmee_jemimaMusic: @boris.acket
@thereallilibos @efrem.angela
Voice over: @donna_cor
Sounddesign: @baumeister_ruuddegroot
@boris.acketEdit: @aylaspaans
@vicenlColorist: @serhan_meewisse 
Title: @ristorocket @yaelweiser

All Is Reborn 

. Produced by @jaunejaune
by @annie__burnell@merryn_jeann
Directed by @antoinehenault

Camera Assistant:@francis_dufeu

Set design: @melodiebalan

Hair stylist: Corinne Bernard
Make up: Léa Garlinski
Best Boy: Thomas Henault
Editing: Morgane Pottier
Starring :


Julia Martin
Mélodie Balan
Horida Aoune
Spread the world, lots of love. ❤️

Only When I am with you

A visual spoken word piece about what it means to be a mother and an artist at the same time.
Spoken by Hamsa Durant in her mother tongue with roots in Iraq,
an upbringing in Denmark, and home in Los Angeles. Shot in Malibu,
California after it was engulfed by the Woolsey Fire which spread across more than 96,000 acres of land outside of LA.
Although the land had been charred, new growth has already started to grow, showing us how resilient Mother Nature really is.

Director: MOM (@directedbymom)
Written by: Rachael Larkin (@in.rl)
Shot by: Matt Plaxco (@plaximus)
Sound Design: Brian Lee (@briancaseylee)
Voice Over: Hamsa Durant (@iliketoappreciatestuff)
Talent: Hamsa Durant, Aimeé Finley (@egodeathnchill)

About Two Girls

is a 90 seconds visual diary about two sisters living together in a timeless world.
The girls may look the same but they are very different. While they enjoy the seemingly endless summer,
they show each other unconditional love while also experiencing some conflicts that have remained since they were kids.

Witten & Directed: Ayla Spaans
Art Direction: Yael Weiser
DOP: Zeeger Verschuren
TItles: Asaf Mendelovich
VO: Veerle Burmeister
Gaffer: Olaf Robberse
Music: Jason Malan
Edit: Ayla Spaans
Grading: Ruben Labree

Girls: Ayla Spaans, Mascha Spaans, Veerle Calkoen