Louise Cehofski

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'Model Louise Cehofski has been provoking the internet since early 2016, her pictures being reposted thousands of times. She says she wouldn’t get booked as a model if it weren’t for her social media following however this week she will be performing in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Obsessed with food and selfies, many of her posts are very odd – she certainly doesn’t give a damn! Decorating herself with contraceptives and props found in the kitchen, because, why not? Louise also talks openly about birth control and having control over her own body… shouldn’t more models be doing that?'

“If you, like me, have a bad memory, dont be afraid: its here.. the birth control earring that will keep pregnancy away!! 100% safe , it's also VEGAN and gluten free” Louise H

“Following the death of his father and after falling off his bike, Doppler decides to abandon his home in Oslo, job, children and pregnant wife and to live a solitary life in the forest just outside the city. Living in a tent he kills an elk for food but then discovers it has a young calf which he adopts, names Bongo and with whom he discusses the state of the world he has left behind, with its consumerism and focus on personal success. Doppler determines to live a life as far as possible removed from his previous life but finds it impossible to escape entirely, resorting to bartering and even theft to meet his needs. But his existence gains much unwanted attention and he struggles to maintain his isolation.”