At its Core
“Ode an die Freude”
is a place
to come Together as Women to Connect,
Create, Learn, Support each othe share ideas,
Feelings, Thoughts and History.

All Artists and Businesses
on this site have made Positive,
Ethical Choices
in the ways
they Create and Operate.

We would like to thank our Patrons for supporting us and all the woman on this sitefor believing and making this space possible: Ali Villalobos Angela Reimer Anna Bayburina Barbara Kaleff Bella Teggins Borderfairy Catalina Soto Christina Clara Nebeling Clara Wahrenberg Diamond Ideozu Ellie HFarzad Sarfarazi Fiona PFleur Moerenhout Freya Gomez Bosch Georgia Minnis Hanna Hazel Hannah Di Gregorio Hannie Heli Haav James Joe BoticaJoseph WhinneyJulia Kolens  LAS Laura Rechnagel Leeor Wild Lena Luana Lukas Lulu Lydia bernadette Mandy Michelle milena Nikki Rodgers Patriciar hianna hajduch Sara Sarah Keogh Sarolta Nagy Sea Lua Sprossenelat elledge Varvaraian Zari Rigena  Karen Callora Katie Kiki Special thanks to Freya, Laura and Ely.